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Friday, July 9, 2010

It's Friday and I Got Mail

If you're new to this Blog, please read the very first post to understand what The Letter Writing Revolution is all about:

The weekend is upon us and finally a rainy day has arrived to break the extreme heat that has hit these parts in the last week. I believe it was 44 degrees Celsius with the humidity yesterday. Now, we are blessed with a slight breeze and rain...lots of rain.

I just walked to the post office to mail a love letter to a farmer. Lo and behold, I received three letters today! One of the letters was in a large bubble envelope containing a very cool cookbook. My friend, Sandra, who lives on the westcoast had been wanting to send me this cookbook for sometime. The Letter Writing Revolution prompted her to handwrite a very long and enjoyable letter which she sent with the book. Thank you, Sandra!!! I loved your letter and you will most certainly receive one back.

I LOVED the letters I received today and what they contained. I really forgot how amazing it feels to receive handwritten mail. So much more personal than an email and well, don't even get me started on texting. While I was in the post office, I chatted with our new Post Master. I told her about The Letter Writing Revolution (TLWR for short) yesterday and so we were chatting today about the loss of this wonderful art. I commented that young people today will have no real history of their life without letters. I have hundreds of journals of my life contained in the form of letters. Letters that I have written and letters that I have received over the last 30 years. Texting and email just doesn't cut it. It isn't a true connection in my books and it is fleeting. The Letter Writing Revolution has had me considering ending my Facebook account. I am tired of running into people whom I haven't seen in a decade who know all about my life. When I look confused they smile and say, "I read it on Facebook." It's too easy and kind of weird and a little creepy, too.

Trust me. I get the convenience of it all. I really do. I love it for advertising my business and for notifications and posting pics and of course checking out everyone else's business (without them even knowing!) BUT I am starting to feel that maybe if I wasn't a part of it all, I would have more real contact with the people I really care about and who care about me. Emailing, texting and Facebook gives us a false sense of connection. The more we are connected, the more we are disconnected. How wonderful it was to see the beautiful and unique penmanship of the writer's of today's letters. What a treat to receive an actual photograph of my friend, Sandra (which I promptly stuck on my fridge door). What joy to open the envelopes to find a variety of paper.....cream linen, $ store Japanese variety and paper adorned with butterflies, flowers and stickers :-)

The people who wrote the letters that I received today shared some interesting thoughts about this whole letter writing experience:
  • Thank you for this feels good to try and think with a pen.
  • Your blog has been inspiring to say the least.
  • I used to love receiving mail back in the day when emailing was non-existent
  • Thank you for your letter. I was like the little boy on your blog when my letter arrived.
  • I had to make an enormous decision~ what special place would I choose to read and enjoy my letter.
I like to tear open letters in the post office and sit on the steps or read as I walk home. This has resulted in close calls with other people walking and the odd car. Today, due to the rain, I had to be patient and wait until I got home. As soon as I had my shoes and jacket off, I sat down at the kitchen table and dove into my letters. I hope to provide this experience to my followers who respond to yesterday's post.

I have received a few emails from TLWR Blog followers with your addresses. Thank you!! You will receive a letter from me in the next few weeks. Please email me your snail mail address to so that I may complete the "45 Letters in 45 Days" Challenge which is technically the "46 Letters in 46 Days" Challenge now that I have another new follower :-)

Have a good weekend and be sure to write that letter to a soldier, a friend or your child or that love letter that is waiting to be written. The time is now. There's no such thing has a poorly written letter. Just write down your thoughts from your heart and that will be enough.


  1. I just remembered how many letters I wrote and received as a 17 year old living in France...every day I got at least one letter from home, and I faithfully replied to every single one. I sooo wish I'd kept them all (even just to giggle at the high school gossip of who was dating whom!) I remember walking "downtown" to the post office in our hometown EVERY day with the mail key...and sitting on the steps, just like you. Sigh. The younger generation doesn't even know what they're missing.

  2. wow - i really aught to use different ink in that calligraphy pen - the envelope looks a tad smeary... hope the inside was legible.

  3. The ink and writing was wonderful!! The rain hit the envelope causing the was perfect and I am in the process of decorating my stationary to write you back :-)

  4. Got your card in the mail on Friday and actually waited until yesterday to open it like one of the comments up above: I wanted to find the perfect spot to open it up and savour. That spot was my sunroom yesterday morning, ALONE with a cup of coffee.
    I plan to write a letter today to my 18 year old stepdaughter, to whom I often send cards but mostly texts. She is the only person with whom I text and I am grateful for this bit of technology as it is the only way we are in touch regularly! However, a letter or two from me might be something she would enjoy receiving at the address of her brand-new apt.


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