The Letter Writing Revolution

Revitalizing a Lost Art One Letter at a Time

Monday, July 5, 2010


I am well aware of my negligence to my blog. It isn't that I am losing steam nor have I lost motivation to carry on with my revolution. As I said two posts ago, I am in a major time crunch right now and so certain things need to be patient while I get my other work completed. Today I am sanding the Goddess of Abundance cast outside in 33 degree heat. I am procrastinating and so you get a blog post as I buy a bit more time in my air conditioned house.

I received an email from a mom who had a brilliant idea of writing her three children letters about how proud she was of them and to celebrate the end of another school year. She placed them in the mail box so that when they returned home from their last day of school, they were thrilled to find letters in the box addressed to them. BUT, as soon as they opened them and scanned the letter to see who it was from, their excitement quickly turned to disappointment when they realized their mother had written the letters. As you can imagine, this mother was also very disappointed by their reactions. She was certain they would surround her with love and hugs and gratefulness for her thoughtfulness. Not a chance. They quickly read the letters, tossed them aside and ran off to do other things.

An excerpt from the mother's email below:

"Here's something to be said of the expectations that come when you send a letter (especially a mushy, sappy one): don't expect the person to be bowled over by your words. Just find joy in the process of writing the letter and then let it go. I was a little crushed that my children didn't seem to really care, or be touched by the words I wrote. In any case, I know that the letters will be saved and I hope that one day, the full effect of my words will help the kids understand just
how much they are loved."

So, there you have it, folks. Write a letter and surrender it. Do it without expectation of reaction. Just do it and send it. Let it go....literally. It's like giving a gift. After the gift leaves your hands, it is out of your control. If the person you give it to chooses to put it in a yard sale or re-gift it, that is their choice and their right. The same can be said for the letter. Do not write a letter hoping to receive one back, compliments or gratefulness. Just write it from the heart and set it free.


  1. your blog has really motivated us with our letter writing...lola has sent out several and finally got her first real letter last week. she was so excited!

    this post is so true's so much more about the art of writing the letter and we all forget that. thank you for reminding us that the beauty of it is in both processes..:)

    i left an award for you over at my blog...please stop by..:)


  2. well said....the joy is in the process. as the mother of adult daughters...i have to believe that those letters which i sent years ago mean more to them as they age....these were among special things i.e. poetry, letters, cards, report cards, that i saved for them over the years and gave each one in her own treasure box. admittedly, i have been known to go thru the garbage bag when they would "clean" their rooms too.....and keep what i imagined they would regret parting with some day. that's not a generation's just me!


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