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Sunday, July 25, 2010

I'm Back

It is Sunday evening and the gallery exhibit is over. I can now return to writing this blog which has been dreadfully neglected.

Prior to arriving at the gallery this morning, I zipped into the Glebe area of Ottawa with one goal in mind: stationary. I had about 15 minutes to gather some much needed letter writing supplies and so I visited The Papery shop. Ooohhhhhh, the beautiful paper, cards, pens, envelopes, letter writing sets.....

I have many letters to write and the only thing stopping me is the lack of writing paper. I did get creative and decorate some plain coloured sheets of paper with magazine clippings a couple of weeks ago but even that supply is dwindling. One such page of homemade stationary went to our local farmer who grows the weekly basket of veggies we receive. Check out a recent post at Rural Rainbow Ramblings regarding the love letter they received.. We are so appreciative of the hard work going on at their organic farm that I had to express my love and thoughts in a letter to them. I spoke with the owner and she was so thrilled to pick up the mail and find an actual letter. The interns working the farm this summer were equally delighted and she said it gave them all a real boost. Oh, the power of the handwritten letter.

If the sun is shining tomorrow, I am heading straight to the beach with my supplies and a few of you will be getting letters this week. I am also beginning the "46 Letters in 46 Days" Challenge so if you sent your mailing address to me, you can expect a letter in the next couples of weeks. If you haven't done so, there is still time. Just send your snail mail address to with TLWR as your subject line.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post.
Stephanie G.......your postcard finally arrived. I will be writing to you soon!

I look forward to hearing from you and hearing your comments about your own letter writing adventures.


  1. So glad you got it! I re-sent the letter with incorrect postage as well so that should be on it's way. Looking forward to a suprise in the mailbox!

  2. Mailed a letter to my girls this morning, who are in your town for the week! You are inspiring me to make a letter-supply shelf in our office and to set aside a time each week for all of us to write letters.


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