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Thursday, July 8, 2010

The "45 Letters in 45 Days" Challenge

If you're new to this Blog, please read the very first post to understand what The Letter Writing Revolution is all about:

You might assume I live alone (with about twenty cats) and have a lot of time on my hands when you read my next brilliant idea.......
As of today, I see that I have 45 followers and I thought it might be fun (or maybe completely insane) to challenge myself to 45 letters in 45 days. This means that each follower would have to send me an email with your snail mail address so that I may write you a letter. This is assuming that the followers are actually "following" this blog on a regular basis.  Of course, you can always opt out of assisting me in my challenge (party pooper!).

How hard can it be? I will set aside 20 minutes per day to handwrite a letter. Each letter will be original and will be mailed the same day that it is written. You are not obligated to write me back but I suspect some of you have yet to experience the thrill of getting a handwritten letter. Maybe you used to write letters because you were actually alive before email and texting existed but perhaps it has been a long while since someone sat down and wrote YOU a letter. I would like to offer you this wonderful experience. It would be my absolute pleasure to spend time writing to YOU and mailing YOU a letter.....the old-fashioned way.

This is a free, no-obligation offer.

For those of you who do not know me personally, I will use your mailing address for letter writing ONLY. I am not into scams or stalking or anything of that sort. Perhaps you would like me to write a letter to your child.....just specify when you email me your address. I am happy to surprise your child with a letter. Just make sure you tell me how old they are so that it is age-appropriate.

So, for the next couple of weeks, I will be collecting snail mail addresses and I hope to receive all 45 addresses of my followers. I will begin the "45 Letters in 45 Days" Challenge on July 25th. Please forward your snail mail address to and put in the subject line: TLWR

You will receive a letter from me by early August..............I promise.
Thank you to my follower from Switzerland who surprised me with a delightful letter!!!


  1. Cool! You ARE crazy.
    (oh- and you already have MY address)

  2. Alrighty! You're the first to reply and so you will get the first letter :-)

  3. ok, here's hoping I do this right......very kool idea! I'll definitely send you my snail mail addy! Thank YOU!!!! Auramarina

  4. Just finished reading all your blog. fantastic!I have so many ideas I can hardly wait to see you.
    Brings so many memories to mind.Love this blog.

  5. My address is on the way Julie. I really love your idea and will have to overcome my own trepidation and write some letters of my own.

  6. Oooo, yay! I just sent you my address. This will be fun! :)

  7. You. Are. Insane. But I already know that. And you know my address!! Haha! Today it's raining and I'm going to sit down with the kids and do some letter writing...perfect weather for it!


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