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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cards As Letters

I have had a few of you asking me if postcards and greeting cards "count" as letters. The answer is yes, of course, AS LONG as the postcard or greeting card contains more than "Wish you were here!" or "From _____(insert name)" on it. The whole point of TLWR is that we take time to handwrite our thoughts onto paper and then place that paper into a mailbox.

I will admit, I am a bit of a stationary junkie........specifically when it comes to cards. I LOVE walking into a store that is dedicated to cards and stationary. Hallmark or Carleton Cards are okay but it's stores like The Papery on Bank Street in Ottawa (also in Toronto and Victoria, BC) or Paper/Papier in the Byward Market in Ottawa that really get my heart a flutter. I usually will collect about 15-20 cards that I love and then I will take time to go through them and decide on the ones I really must have. Cards are expensive. The average art card costing around $4-$5. This is a gift in itself. When I give a gift, I will normally make my own card.

I have a collection of cards that I keep on hand for events/situations that affect all of us. I like to have sympathy, encouragement and 'blank inside' cards on hand at all times. When I see paricularly moving cards, I buy them. You never know when you're going to need to send something more than a friendly letter.

I had two long phone conversations yesterday with two friends who are both going through difficult times. I want them to know that when we hang up the phone that they are still in my thoughts. The words written on the cards by the person employed by the card company could be enough and perhaps, I couldn't "say it" any better. It is important that when you send out cards of this type, you take the time to write even three sentences about how you are feeling and how you hope that the receiver of the card feels better soon.

For those of you who are reading my blog but have yet to actually write a letter,  perhaps you need to take baby steps and write in a card first. There is something so satisfying about starting out with blank paper or cards and then finishing with three or more addressed and stamped envelopes on your kitchen table waiting to be mailed. You can even combine the card and letter. Buy small sheets of blank stationary and write a short note in the card and then tuck your letter inside.

It's the long weekend in Canada..........set some time aside to write to someone who could use some encouragement or just a friendly, "Hello, I am thinking of you!"

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  1. In the same basket as my running schedule, I found all that stationary I bought last summer at Paper/papier...I KNEW I couldn't have written that many letters! So watch your mailbox!


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