The Letter Writing Revolution

Revitalizing a Lost Art One Letter at a Time

Sunday, April 24, 2011

This That and The Other Thing

I have to be honest.......I have not been inspired lately. I suppose there are only so many things one can write about when it comes to letter writing. I have not given up all hope yet but do need to slow down and get myself creating and writing interesting posts. I noticed I lost a follower. A sign that perhaps, the lost one checked back one too many times and found nothing new and decided to hit the road.

I am attempting to start a Pal-Sac chapter here in the Ottawa valley but still looking for an appropriate place to host it. I have been writing many letters this week in gratitude to all of those who made my birthday an extra special one. I will be mailing out about 20 letters Tuesday morning.

Found this great posting from 2009 on The Art of Manliness blog. Email the link to the men in your life to perhaps nudge them towards writing you a letter.

TLWR's one year blogiversary is coming up in June. Maybe time for a great giveaway.......

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Neglected But Not Deserted

I am aware of my lack of attention lately to The Letter Writing Revolution. As I completed Julie's 40's Project, took on a new position as a columnist at our local newspaper and became very busy with work and my home life, I have placed TLWR at the bottom of my priority list.

Ideally, I would post 2-3x per week. This keeps the blog interesting and prevents it from becoming stagnant. Is it do-able? It certainly is as I managed to do that for the first few months of offering my thoughts on letter writing. In a matter of weeks, TLWR will be celebrating it's 1st blogiversary. Hard to believe that almost an entire year has passed since I started out on this blogging journey to encourage the masses to write letters.

My kitchen table is a disaster right now as I  get caught up on various letter writing projects. I have the "Must Reply Now" pile and the "Letters to Write But Not Urgent" pile and this week, I have been working on writing Thank You Letters as opposed to thank you cards to my friends who helped me celebrate my 40th birthday and to those who sent gifts/cards/letters. Receiving the Letters for a Birthday was so heart warming and spirit lifting, that I thought I would return the feeling and write a letter back to each one. This is proving to take some time and my "free" time is limited. I hope to finish them all today. That is my goal anyway.

A corner of my kitchen table.

I wonder how many letters continue to get written. Has the enthusiasm worn off? Is the novelty of letter writing a thing of the past? Do you continue to write letters?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Letters for a Birthday

I am turning 40 in a couple of days. I had thought about having a big bash but opted for an intimate dinner party with some dear friends this past weekend. In lieu of gifts, my sister suggested to the guests that they each write me a letter~ a letter that would be handwritten and that would describe our roles in one another's lives, favourite memories and birthday wishes. The morning after, I settled on the couch with a mug of coffee and opened each letter. It was such a wonderful way to start the day and probably the most special and loving gifts I have ever received.
Reading one of several letters I received for my 40th birthday!

I was asked a few years ago to write a letter to a friend who was turning 40. Her husband secretly emailed many of her friends and colleagues and asked us all to write her a letter to be opened on her big day. I participated in this and thought it to be a wonderful idea!

We do not think to share our inner most thoughts about those we care about and admire until well, they are no longer able to hear them. Heartfelt thoughts and memories are often shared to a room full of grieving friends and family members at the funeral of one we once loved. A birthday can be a perfect opportunity to give the gift of a letter to a friend or family member. Don't be shy! It will be greatly appreciated and probably one of the most unique gifts the recipient receives.