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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Surrending Part 2

I've known James for my entire adult life. I think I first met him at a party when I was a teenager. Although James and I have mutal friends, we have never spent a lot of time hanging out together until recently. I was in need of some cool, quality photos of my casts and of me casting. I knew James was an avid photographer and since he has a unique style, I knew it would reflect in his photos. This is James:

James emailed me yesterday about some photography stuff and mentioned that he had been following this blog and that he liked it. I didn't think this type of blog would be of interest to him but it turns out, I was wrong. I am rarely wrong. Ask my husband.
He came by last evening and I jokingly asked him if he had written any letters since he was reading this blog. I expected the answer to be "No" but to my surprise, he told me that he had, in fact, written two letters. Actually, to clarify.......he had started but hadn't finished writing two letters. What surprised me even more was that one of the letters had been almost written to me. He then proceeded to tell me that after starting the letter, he realized that some things are better left unsaid. And you can imagine how I responded to that....."James!! You can't share that with me and then not tell me WHAT you were writing about...." Am I right??? Totally not fair. Okay, granted, life isn't very fair but this was really, really unfair.

So, I told James that he would be the subject of todays' post. This post is titled Surrendering Part 2 because as much as we need to surrender to our expectations of what happens to our letter after it is sent (see yesterday's post), I think that it is equally important to surrender our thoughts to another person who you think deserves to read them. Obviously, my friend James had something to say to me otherwise he wouldn't have gone to the trouble of almost writing the letter. I say he surrender whatever it is that is preventing him from sending the letter because now I am curious. I hate to think there is a half- assed, almost written letter out there waiting to be mailed ESPECIALLY since it is for me. Don't you agree, readers?
James: I will be patiently awaiting that letter from you :-)

P.S I know this post contradicts the post on Hard-to-Write Letters in that we always have the option to write a letter and never send it. I am encouraging James to finish and mail this particular letter because I don't believe it contains elements of the hard-to-write letter. At least I hope it doesn't :-)

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  1. We were introduced in the dining room of the Village Pantry. The restaurant's owner's eldest son wanted me to meet someone with an amazing ability to mimic Sears catalogue model poses. I WAS duly impressed. I'll see about that letter tonight.

    p.s. the person who introduced us also took that photo of me.


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