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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Seuss of Letter Writing

As far as hobbies and interests go, letter writing is one that is easily transportable. I always found it tricky taking my rug hooking or macrame to the ski hill for example.......just kidding. But letter writing supplies are  so easy to take along with you. Even if you don't bring anything with you and you find yourself anywhere, you can usually find a piece of paper or a postcard and write your note. Supplies for letter writing take up little room as well which is another added bonus.

Yesterday, I packed up and went to the beach with the intention of stretching out on my blanket and writing some letters. I was in great need of a few hours of R & R and I found it when I emerged from the trail onto the sandy and sunny beach. I set up my blanket under a young tree so that I was in partial shade and I proceeded to unpack all of my letter writing paper, my pen and a firm magazine to write upon. I was pretty much all alone except for one other person...well actually two other people, a woman and her 7 year old daughter. Aside from the woman's annoying habit of whistling a happy tune, I had peace.

I managed to FINALLY write my letter to a soldier which was a bit more challenging than I expected. I am hoping he or she writes me back so that I have more to write about next time. I also got a letter out to a TLWR fan who has written to me and I sent a couple of letters out to friends. I plan to head back to the beach on Friday and will complete the rest of the letters that I need to write and send. It is so much more enjoyable having new stationary. Seriously.....makes a huge difference. For those of you who sent your addresses for the TLWR's "46 Letters in 46 Days Challenge," you'll be getting your letters in the next couple of weeks. Btw, for the late comers, if you would like to take part in the challenge, you have until July 31st to email me your snail mail address to

I will leave you with this poem I wrote this morning.
"Seuss for Letter Writers"

Would you write on a train?
Would you write on a plane?
Would you write anywhere?
Would you write without a care?

I will write on a train.
I will write on a plane.
I will write anywhere.
I will write without a care.

Can you write in your bed?
Can you write on a sled?
Though my hand may get a cramp
I will write on a ramp.

Would you write at the game?
Would you write in the rain?
In front of those who dare to complain?
I would write at the game.
I would write in the rain (under an umbrella, of course!)

Can you write with your seat belt on?
Can you write from dusk til dawn?
Writing letters is the way
A revolution to start the day.

I will write in my home.
I will write when I roam.
Leave it to me lads and ma'am.
The Letter Writing Revolution Creator, I AM!


  1. A letter-writer AND a poet! Good one!

  2. LOVE the poem. Green eggs and ham is still a favorite with both the boys even though they are older now. I am still having trouble with the letter to the soldier but, I haven't given up.

  3. Great poem.
    My children write letters to their grandparents, which are mostly drawings and words that they narrate and I write down.
    These letters make the grandparents so happy. Hopefully we can continue to foster this practice as they learn to write. It seems that keeping them away from the computer for as long as possible will help this old fashion correspondence bloom.

  4. Glad to hear that you had such a beautiful day of relaxation. Hope the weather is nice for your return beach visit on Friday.


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