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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

12 Letters in 4 Days Challenge

The original challenge of 45 Letters in 45 Days was not as popular as I thought it might be. I did receive a few mailing addresses from my followers but not nearly enough to make this an actual challenge. I am in the process of writing 12 letters over the next few days. I have written 4 of the 12 as of yesterday so only 8 to go. I am mailing out several letters today so watch your mailbox for one of these colourful gems!

When I started this challenge, my goal was to take a very inexpensive hobby and bring a cheap thrill to the receiver. In order to spread the joy of letter writing and receiving, I needed your mailing address. For those of you who participated, please let me know when you get your letter.I thought that the challenge would be managing to physically write 45 letters in 45 days. It turns out that the challenging part is creating an interesting letter when writing to a complete stranger OR when writing to someone familiar who I am in touch with on Facebook or by email on a regular basis.

I have set aside time each day this week to write letters and mail them out within 24 hours. As promised, all of you who participated should be getting a letter within the next 7 days unless you are overseas. This may take a bit longer.

If you are now kicking yourself for not participating, you can still send me your address and I will write to you (email it to This isn't a limited event. The Letter Writing Revolution is ongoing and hopefully growing. If you are reading this and not yet a follower, please become one. It is as easy as clicking on the Follow button at the right of the page above the tiny pictures of my followers. You will have to follow some quick easy steps but that's it. It gives bloggers like me an indication as to how many people are actually reading the blog. Knowing that there are regular followers, gives us the motivation to keep writing and to write more often.

Six letters are going out this morning and another 3 should be written by day's end. Enjoy!


  1. My goal is to write ONE letter today...a sad one of comfort, but a letter nonetheless. Then a rainy walk to the mailbox if I can get it done before the mail lady comes!

  2. Don't be discouraged about your 45/45 challenge!! In this day and age of lols and WiFi Emails, it is sometimes difficult to find a mindful place to sit down and write a proper letter. Like you, I also feel it is difficult to gauge how much to write to someone that you know very little about. Perhaps this is what is keeping some of us to throw ourselves at the mercy of the postal service!? Do you have any thoughts that might help us to start this type of pen-pal relationship?

  3. My next post will be on pen pals, Christine. Thanks for the idea!

  4. Thank you for my letter, I received it today. I will write back soon! It was a wonderful feeling to have a personal letter to open, instead of the everyday bills and junk mail. Brings back memories from when I had a pen pal from Tasmania.


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