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Friday, August 6, 2010

TLWR News of the Week

Friday has arrived in a flash and I want to share with all of you some of the cool things happening at The Letter Writing Revolution headquarters.

First off, I have been pumping out letters like a mad woman in the last couple of weeks and there are more to write today. Keep an eye on your mailboxes and you, too, will find a letter from me.....if you are a part of the Challenge. Secondly, I have not only been writing letters but receiving them as well which is like waking a dormant part of myself. I walk to our post office and get this joyful feeling when I spy an envelope that isn't a bill or junk mail. As TLWR grows, so does the number of letters I receive. It is a great bonus of being head of a revolution like this one.

The third highlight of the week was when I received an email from a blog follower who happened to come across my blog through various links. She requested a letter from me as a part of the challenge. She is following from Kentucky, USA. Very cool that the revolution is reaching places beyond my friends and relatives home addresses :-)

The fourth highlight of the week was when I checked my Blog Stats last night and discovered that in this week alone, this blog has been viewed from all over Canada and the U.S.A but also viewed from far away places like the Netherlands, Germany, Vietnam, Afghanistan and India. How awesome is that??? Maybe "my" soldier that I wrote to did receive my letter and is now checking out the blog.

And finally, last but not least, I arrived home yesterday to an email from Jen over at Pen and Prosper urging me to check out her blog post. She had chosen four bookmark-worthy blogs and TLWR was one of them! I am pretty thrilled about that as it is a huge compliment to have my blog admired by someone I have only met recently online AND to have this blog exposed to more people. Every little bit helps the revolution to grow. Thanks, Jen!

Oh, more highlight of the mom just showed up with a little gift for me of a roll of Canadian stamps (60 of them!!) to help out with my letter writing. Thanks, mom!!

On that note, wherever you may be, have a wonderful weekend and find some time to write at least one letter to make someone's day! And as always, if you haven't become a follower, please do so and please also share this blog with your friends and family. Who knows? Maybe they will be inspired to write YOU a letter.


  1. My kids received pictures and postcards from their cousins yesterday. Violet has been wandering around with her loot clutched to her chest, like it's the greatest treasure..and it is!

  2. you have an awesome MOM - Auramarina

  3. Just a little thought: It's funny (and sad) how I write more letters to my insurance carrier than to my friends and family. I get that little feeling of accomplishment when I drop something in the mail, but then I realize, "Oh wait, that was just to get money back for my glasses". Certainly a wake-up call that dropping an actual letter in the mail would be that much more rewarding!

  4. Ada- You can write a letter to ME anytime!

  5. It's really hard to actually start writing, not what to say but writing with a pen!Remember the beautiful hand writing of our ancestors.I have scraps of paper with my parents written words and it's a nice feeling to know they touched that paper.Today I sent a card to my brother today and the other day I actually bumped into Julie at the post office with mail in her hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. i just found a book of 10 stamps
    this is fate's way of forcing my to actually write
    (one down - nine stamps to go)

  7. Hey, James! The roll I got has 100 stamps I discovered. That's a lot of letters to write!

  8. Julie - I received my letter from you today :) Thanks for writing to this total stranger. My family said "WHO is that letter from??" As if it is a very strange and unusual event indeed to receive an actual letter in the mail! I've been writing more letters lately, thanks to the inspiration of TLWR, and I'll be writing back to you soon!

  9. I'm glad I found your site... you've inspired me, and I've started writing to my long lost English penpal! (Margie in Kentucky!)

  10. Donna: I am glad your letter arrived! Hopefully, one day, receiving a letter won't be such a novelty!
    Margie: Good to hear from you! Your letter is somewhere between Ontario and Kentucky right now! Let me know when it arrives. So glad you're inspired!


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