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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Catching Up

I have officially completed the "45 Letters in 45 Days" Challenge which actually turned out to be "16 Letters in 8 Days or So"  Challenge. In the midst of writing to the Followers who requested a letter, I was continuing to receive letters from all over the place and trying to answer them in a timely manner. I didn't want it to turn into a chore or become something I had to do. I felt this pressure to answer the letters I received within 24 hours and then it dawned on me............ there is no time frame to answering letters. I am so accustomed to email that I was treating the letter writing the same way. Must answer letters NOW. Must answer letters NOW. A gentle reminder to myself that writing a letter to someone when I actually felt like writing the letter to that particular person and writing when I know I will have some uninterrupted time is what is important. If it takes a week after the letter arrives in my mailbox before I can sit down and write then so be it. I think this is part of the hesitation for some of you.

Are you afraid that letter writing will become just 'one more thing' to add on to your already lengthy "To Do" list? Trust me, you either like it or you don't and if you like writing and receiving letters then you will be able to set aside some time each week for yourself to stay connected in a way that is far more meaningful then a text or an email. If I can find the time, YOU can find the time. You'll just have to trust me on that fact.

It is such a false sense of connection when your only contact with your friends/family members is through a text or an email. It really is. I know this for certain especially now that I have been an avid letter writer and receiver since launching TLWR only six weeks ago. Don't fool yourself into thinking that sending off an email to your parents or a mass mail out to your friends suffices. It doesn't. Period. I mean if that is all you can truly manage, well, it is better than nothing. My mom even commented the other day how she misses getting letters from us....granted I live 400 metres from her so writing letters to her about my day would be just plain silly. I think she gets annoyed when she calls or stops in and attempts to tell me about something my sister said and I announce, "Ya, I know. I read it on Facebook." I can just see her cursing to herself......"Damn that Facebook. Always beating me to it."

If you are one of the thousand or so people expected to read this post and have yet to become a follower.....please join the revolution and become an official follower. As you finish reading this post, I urge you to write a letter to your mom or dad or a sibling or a friend. No one to write to but you're lovin' the revolution........send ME a letter and you are guaranteed a letter back....Julie Keon, P.O Box 533, Cobden, Ontario, K0J 1K0, Canada. I'll be waiting for your letter.

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  1. I hand-painted some stationary to send a reply to YOU...hope to do that before we go camping this weekend. Maybe I'll write one to mom too!


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