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Friday, June 25, 2010

Yeh!! Mail

Yeh!! A bright, yellow envelope in my mail box. That can mean only one thing........
An unexpected letter from a woman who was a former client of mine seven years ago and who became a friend. How exciting that she was inspired to go out and buy this canary yellow stationary and write ME a letter. She even shared an incredible poem that she wrote. I was touched by the words and honoured that she shared it with me.

It's Friday and so I likely won't post again until Monday. I have letters to write as promised and plan to get caught up this evening. There are two letters on their way to Inkerman to two special girls who have finished their school year successfully and a couple of small notes going out to a new mama who could use some encouragement and a card to a friend just because.......

A mother of four told me that she was inspired by The Letter Writing Revolution to hand write letters to two of her children's teachers to let them know how important they are and how blessed they are to have hardworking dedicated teachers involved with their children's day-to-day life. I really like this idea.......if you didn't get around to it for the last day of school, I am sure your child's teacher will appreciate a letter at the beginning of the school year.

Another mom commented that she received news of this blog while visiting a sick friend across the country. She decided to write a postcard to her 22 month old daughter who she had to seperate from for the first time. She plans to continue to write letters from home to be mailed and received by her little one. I like this idea. There will be nothing valued more in years from now when this little girl is a young woman. What treasures!

If anyone has any brilliant ideas for spreading the word about my revolution....please send them my way....preferably by letter but leaving comments here works, too.

I hope you have inspiring, restful weekends.


  1. What a wonderful concept.
    I used to be a HUGE letter writer. It was actually my form of writing practice. My poor friends would get these 10-page letters weekly. My husband and I have shoeboxes full of letters from our early courting days. So special.
    My kids have revived letter writing in our house, since they don't use the computer and aren't much for phone talking. We send a lot of letters (they dictate, i transcribe) out to grandparents, cousins etc..
    They love getting mail.

  2. Thanks Julie! I actually considered writing letters to my girls' teachers last year, but didn't. You inspired me to actually *do it* this year, and I'm very happy that I did. I now have a few other people on my "hit list."

  3. Thanks for this blog Julie. I just sent a postcard to my grandmother in Toronto. She lives in a nursing home, and is hard of hearing, so phoning isn't an option. We used to be very close, but her deteriorating health in recent years has made it hard for me to see her often enough. I'm so glad that you've inspired me to keep up contact. She can't write back because she has shaky hands from her medication, but I know she'll be reading my postcard with joy.

  4. Instead of writing notes to my girls' teachers on the last day of school this year, I suggested they do it themselves. They did a rough draft, then copied onto pretty stationary and were so proud of the finished products. I can't wait to hear how the teachers reacted today!


I need to know that this revolution is growing and impacting the masses. Your comments motivate me! Please take the time to let me know how TLWR is working for you.