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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Letter Writing Essentials

You may be more inclined to start writing letters if you have all of the essential writing supplies. I find that if I have to spend time searching for things like a decent pen, for example, the letter is just not going to get written. Even more ideal, is a space to write in. Maybe you're like me and have a desk in your house that isn't really used as a desk but used as a place to "put things." You know, things that don't actually have a place anywhere else so that smooth, bare surface (a.k.a the top of a desk) will suffice. Maybe clear it off, buy a small lamp and have your letter writing desk. It's a little bit like having a place to meditate in your home except this space is probably much easier to create and hey, when you get lost in writing, it's a form of meditation, isn't it? There, you just killed two birds with one stone. I just thought about that last commonly used statement and it's really not very nice, is it?

What you will need:
  • a sturdy box with lid or an empty drawer
  • good quality writing paper/pads of stationary/notecards/envelopes (check out my upcoming post on stationary shopping and where to go!)
  • stickers or decals to dress up the plain envelopes (especially white ones!!)
  • a pen (s): I prefer those fine felt tip markers
  • address book: if yours is ratty and full of scribbled out addresses. Consider investing in a new one for your letter writing pals.
  • stamps (national and international)

And that's it. This makes a great gift for someone especially a child who is just getting started in letter writing. Fill a decorated shoe box with all of the supplies one needs to write letters including a pack of stamps.

If you're wanting to jump on board The Letter Writing Revolution but so far you have only gotten as far as reading these posts, your homework is to get out there and buy your supplies and then write a letter. Keep sending in your updates of how you are helping to revitalize the lost art of letter writing.


  1. I have always LOVED having a shoebox with all the things I need...makes me feel...prepared! for letter-writing emergencies...

  2. OK, I have the pretty storage box(I love boxes), I am always looking for the perfect pen! I'm going to have to keep using the old address book tho'...mine has a life of it's own and I've become very attached to it. Plus I write notes in the old thing. Maybe one day!!

  3. Oooh, tickled with excitement at that envelope with my name on it!

  4. The girls LOVE the bag of old stationary and notecards you gave them. They are always making us cards, and writing notes to their friends. I keep having to step over the pile on Sarah's floor. I guess I will have to buy her a box instead!

  5. Hello Julie,

    I'm a letter writer/ snail mail enthusiast myself. I keep a small basket littered with accoutrements like cards, stampers, fancy die cutters, and so on. I also make my own 'cards' and envelopes if I have enough time or if I want to make the mail special (such as when I sent Valentine's day tags a year ago).

    I had just re-tweeted your blog.

    In this fast-paced world, letter writing and keeping in touch the "traditional way" are becoming an indulgence. It need not be. Keep the fun alive!

    Best regards,

    The Writing Commuter


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