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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

1st Week Update

The Letter Writing Revolution was launched just one week ago today and there are 37 followers already.......averaging 5 followers per day! That's amazing!! I hope to see this website continue to grow. Most importantly, I wish to hear your stories of how getting back into or beginning letter writing has impacted your life. I can see some of you frowning and wondering how something as simple as writing a letter can even come close to impacting a life. You might be surprised.

I have been getting stories by email and on Facebook of how you are revitalizing this lost art of letter writing and I really enjoy hearing the stories and updates. I have also received a few letters this week from some of you that have really made my week. As promised, three letters went out by mail this morning right after I wrote them and another three will get written this evening and mailed out by morning. Although I launched this revolution, I have been Miss Slacky Pants when it comes to writing letters in the past. I, too, have fallen into the convenient pit of emailing but that has all changed as of last Wednesday.

A reminder since we are entering week 2:
The Letter Writing Revolution is simply a personal quest to revitalize a lost letter at a time. If you haven't shared this blog wth your email pals or on Facebook, please do so. Let's get everyone writing, sending and receiving letters especially children who have never had the chance. Maybe the teachers out there can connect with another class of same aged children in another school (in another country!) and exchange letters. Summer holidays are right around the corner.......find a pen pal or reconnect with an old friend and begin using Canada Post as your way to communicate. Send a letter to an elderly person who may be lonely. Let the people who serve you in your community know how much they mean to you by writing them a gratitude note. Write a letter of love to your spouse even if you think they don't really deserve it ;-) Take the time to write a letter to your child about what is going on in the world today (like an earthquake!) and how proud you are of them.

In closing, I want to share some words from one of this blog's followers. I received a letter from her today:
"I already feel I have betrayed the revolution~ email is just too easy. You may have unleashed a monster as well. I've spent time this afternoon digging into boxes looking for old letters. You've made me remember that I've enjoyed writing in the past, always wished I could have worked for a newspaper or even written a book............I await your reply."
Join the revolution. Write a letter. Spread the word.

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