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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy St. Valentine's Day and GIVEAWAY

In honour of this day that celebrates LOVE, I encourage you to read one of my first posts about Love Letters.  I hope that each of you is thankful for the love in your life whether it be with a spouse, child, parent, friend and/or pet. I would love to hear about the most memorable love letter you have written or received.

Since I am feeling the love today, I would love to give way a gift to one of you who leaves a comment addressing  the question above. Happy Valentine's Day....



  1. I wrote a point form letter the other day: Things I Love About You...with three small kids, a farm, jobs, a blog, trying to fit in exercise and "me time", it's not always easy to sit and write a focussed letter. The items on the list include: "when you bring me tea and toast in bed and let me "sleep in" (read a book!)"..."listening to you singing silly songs with the kids downstairs", "hearing the kids call DADDY!! when you get home from work..."

    It's not about the roses or romance these's about being there for each other in all the little ways. Here's to love!

  2. Despite being the recipient of many love letters in years past, the writer eventually let me down and broke my heart in the process.

    Then I met a man who hates to put words to paper. However, on our first Valentine's Day, he put a different coloured rose in each room of my house, with a card attached to each one- with only a few words on each card. I had to gather them all up and put the words together to make a sentence. That was 13 years ago.
    I LOVED this love letter from him.

    He is still my Valentine!

  3. When we were dating, my husband and I were nearly a continent apart. I was finishing school in New Mexico and he was stationed in Virginia. We exchanged letters regularly and when I received what I thought would just be a regular letter, I put it on my nightstand to read after work. When I did get around to opening it, I found that he had written me nine different poems, scrawled out in his best calligraphy. On the 10th page were just three words....I love you. We hadn't said that to each other yet and I nearly fainted. That was eight years ago and I still get out that little packet and read it. I love him soooo much!

    Stephanie :)


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