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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dry Spell

Prior to Christmas, I was cranking out several letters per week and joyfully stamping them and bringing them to our local post office to mail. I was also receiving, on average, a letter per day. I seem to be in a bit of a dry spell.

The dry spell is due to many factors: lack of desire over the holidays and during the passing of my grandmother, busy with work, keeping up with my blogs and lack of time to sit and write as household duties take precedence. Last week I gradually got back into it and the dry spell seems to be coming to a close.

I am wondering about YOU. Are you writing letters? Or are you just reading about writing letters? Have you been in a dry spell? Do you still feel motivated to write or has the novelty worn off? Have you gained some new pen pals or re-ignited your passion for letter writing?

I would love to hear from YOU! If you are a follower and you like this blog, then I would like to invite you to write me a letter and tell me about who you are and where you come from. Drop me a line and I will reply:
Julie Keon, P.O Box 533, Cobden, ON, K0J 1K0 Canada

Happy Writing!


  1. I hope you got a card in the mail from me. I mailed four last week! I was wondering why we weren't getting any mail this week...then the post office called to tell us they couldn't put it in our mailbox because the snow was piled too high around it, and they're not allowed to get out of their vehicle to put it in the box! So, hubby just dug us out...expect to see that red flag up tomorrow!

  2. Can't wait to start writing again - I have won't have any excuse anymore! Hope your inspiration returns soon. Can't wait to see what my mail box brings!

  3. Curious, I sent you a letter back in October, did you ever get it?

  4. Rachel......I never got it!!!!
    I would have replied for sure!!! I always reply within a few days unless my life is insane and then there might be a delay. Oh too bad!!
    Tell you what.....send me your snail mail address to: and I will write YOU a letter.

  5. I've been keeping my post office busy these past two months. I take in the letters and notes with wax seals so they won't be damaged. The ladies there are always happy to hand cancel them for me.

    Last week I took them a box of beautiful, delicious cup cakes from a local bakery called Ohh LaLa! They loved them. They thanked me today. Everyone likes knowing they're appreciated.

    I know I could never do the same thing, day in and day out, for a career. I'd go nuts, but I'm glad they're there. Let's show our postal workers they're appreciated. I'm already thinking of making little thank-you cards or postcards and hand-delivering them for my next "appreciation" surprise.

    I like the idea of writing to you. Thank you.

  6. I really didn't receive or send much during December,but in January I started writing letters and now I am caught up and receiving some in response.I am hoping February will prove to be a good mail month! Elle


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