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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Welcome Home Cpl Ashwood

I received an unexpected letter today from "my" soldier with the patch he promised me. I had been wondering how he was and if he had made it home yet. Although the letter was mailed at the end of October, I just received it today and from what he tells me, he should be back on Canadian soil within the week! I wanted to share a portion of his letter with all of you as it was very touching and made me smile:

"I am glad that people from your revolution have written soldiers and hope they (the soldiers) have written back but it was my pleasure to answer the two that came my way. It brightens the heart and soul when we know we are not only remembered when the hearse is being driven down the highway of heroes but all of the time. I thank you and everyone else for their support and wishes."

Here is a photo of the patch Cpl Ashwood sent:

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Letter to a Soldier challenge. You can still write to a Canadian soldier in Afghanistan if you want to. Write to:

A Canadian Soldier
Kandahar, Afghanistan
PO Box 5058 Stn Forces
Belleville ON
K8N 5W6

I know your letter will be appreciated.


  1. Well sorry for not commenting earlier but as you can immagine the war does not stop just when we get home.
    I have a been well since returning,and again want to thank you all, the letters are all well recieved in theatre.
    The job is not complete and i will be returning shortly to continue to free that country and allow them to move on with there own security and safety.
    As it is said, FREEDOME IS NEVER FREE.


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