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Monday, November 1, 2010

Letter To A Soldier Part 2

I have returned from the city that never sleeps!!!! What an incredible journey I have had. In the days to come, I will share letter-writing related posts about my trip to glorious NYC.

In the meantime, I wanted to share a message from our soldier, Kris, who distributed all of the letters that were sent to Afghanistan by followers/readers of TLWR. Kris sent this message to our mutual friend and she passed it over to me. Thanks, Cathy! Here it is:

"I have been getting quite a few letters from the people from the blog. We have been really busy since I got back and short staffed because a lot of the troops went on holidays at the same time. I have a letter to write back to and I intend on getting that out as soon as possible. The boys (and girls) here do try their best to write back to them all but sometimes it isn't that easy. They all mean well though.

I spoke to a postal guy today and he says that if you send the letters to 'A Canadian Soldier' as the person they will reach someone. The posties throw those letters in with various unit mail and they get distributed. The Sergeant's Majors try to make sure that they all get answered. The address would be:
A Canadian Soldier
Kandahar, Afghanistan
PO Box 5058 Stn Forces
Belleville ON
K8N 5W6
You can let her (Julie) know that of all the letters were very appreciated. Some were really short and some were REALLY long and all were worth reading. Each person who took the time to write had the same sentiments about us and the war. They all told a little (and some a lot) about themselves. Everyone of them made mention of the 'Letter Writing Campaign' from the blog."

If you haven't written to a Canadian soldier and wish to, write to the above address. If you didn't hear back from YOUR soldier that you originally wrote to, please know that your letter was appreciated and consider writing to another soldier. Remember the goal is to brighten a soldier's day. Let them know we are thinking of them here and that their efforts have not gone unrecognized.

That's it for today....more about NYC momentarily.........


  1. Neat!
    I can't wait to hear about you NYC adventures! Hopefully you found some great postcards and stationery stores. I've searched high and low for a decent one around me. The closest and easiest to get to packed most of it up to display holiday cards. I'll continue my search.

  2. Will show this to my girls tonight and suggest they write letters to a soldier. They will be laying a wreath at our community's Remembrance Day ceremony on Sunday so that is something they can share.
    Thanks for the address!

  3. I'm going to pass this on to our school, and we'll write some letters from school...kindergartens' letter will be HUGE on chart paper! haha.

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