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Friday, December 10, 2010

Mail For Me

It turned out to be a fluke! I have had mail today and yesterday. I hope to never see that box empty again. Such a disappointment especially now that I am spoiled with regular fun mail.

It is a cold and snowy Friday here in rural Canada. My family is preparing to spend a weekend in a cabin together to celebrate an early family Christmas. My brother and his fiance are travelling from Toronto today, my older sister and her family are coming from south of Ottawa and my younger sister and her family live in close proximity to this cabin. My husband and I cannot spend the entire weekend there due to Meredith's needs but we will join the clan early Saturday morning until late Saturday afternoon.We decided to keep things simple this year and just give some gifts to the children and then give each family a Christmas tree ornament. We had even thought of writing letters to one another in lieu of gifts but when we saw the panic-stricken faces of my husband and brother-in-laws, we decided to go with the ornament idea.

I wish to draw your attention to a couple of blogs I have been introduced to this week. The first one can be found at Sending Petals and is a blog about writing letters although not necessarily handwritten letters. This boy and girl blogging team are in Toronto but travel around to schools in Toronto and Ottawa teaching children about the art of letter writing. The second one is Writing and Scribbling which is a blog dedicated to pens, paper, ink and anything that makes writing enjoyable.The majority of his focus is on writing in journals but his December 9th post deals specifically with letter writing. Both blogs are worth checking out. This Blogger even gave me some tips (no pun intended) on purchasing a good fountain pen to add to my letter writing experience. Thanks, Halden!

I find that Friday posts are always made up of various news and I am looking for a theme for Friday's posts. Something that is catchy and that illustrates the mish-mash of topics/ideas/revelations that tend to be written on Friday. Any ideas are greatly appreciated. Post them in the comments below!

I wish all of you a wonderful weekend wherever you may be.

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