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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Empty Box

I have apparently grown rather accustomed to receiving mail on a daily basis since starting TLWR. I went to the post office yesterday (one of my favourite parts to a standard day) and was shocked to discover the box was empty. Surely they were behind on the mail sorting being the holidays and all. I went inside to the main office and asked the Post Master if all of the mail had been sorted to which she replied, "Yep." What??????

Since June and even before TLWR, I don't remember ever having an empty mailbox. But there it was. Not a letter. Not a postcard. Not a bill. Not even a flier. I trudged home in the freezing cold Canadian winter wind feeling remarkably let down. The good thing is that I know when I check my mail today, there will certainly be some. Right?


  1. On the up-side, there were no bills. I'm sure this lag is the calm before a storm of Christmas cards!

  2. Yes, a blizzard of Christmas cards! And a belated *Happy Birthday* to Meredith!!! Those letters were achingly beautiful.

    Blessings and light...

  3. Oh, I know this feeling. I had two days like that in the past few weeks, and it can be sad - especially when you know you are expecting something!

    I'm out of town tomorrow until next Friday, and I'm sure that 90% of all my Christmas cards and most of my packages will arrive then, since I won't be around to collect them!

  4. i really hope today was more bountiful! and you know how canada post can be probably have a stash sitting at the sorting centre!

  5. I experienced this for the first time in quite sometime as well. No letters, no new ink and no new pens :(

  6. Julie, Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy reading your blog....I am not sure where you find the time and energy, but one thing is for sure, it certainly lifts my spirits when I read such amazing personal stories that have affected you and your loved ones....You are truly an amazing woman/mpther/artist....keep up the amazing work. Cathy


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