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Thursday, January 13, 2011

TLWR In Print

After my tour of the Ottawa Mail Processing Plant this past September, I was contacted by a writer for Contact magazine which is the internal Canada Post employee magazine. This magazine reaches approximately 75,000 Canada Post employees across the country. They were interested in my blog and wanted to write a small piece about it. I received a phone call and had a 20 minute interview about The Letter Writing Revolution with a writer from Hamilton, ON. I was sworn to secrecy and was not allowed to breathe a word of our interview or of the upcoming issue of Contact that would have mention of TLWR.

The issue was finally mailed out at the end of December and I only heard about it when one of the employees at our local post office said that she saw my picture in a magazine. I was a bit confused as I wasn't aware that there would be photos involved. She said she was reading the latest issue of Contact when she read a bit about a blog that was started by a woman in the Ottawa valley. She was pretty excited to see that it was me as we have had many chats about letter writing and this blog. Canada Post was to mail me a copy but I haven'treceived it yet. I did borrow her issue and took photos for all of you:
The official Canada Post employee magazine

There it is on the bottom/left page.

And the article which is a tad blurry.....
This reminds me that February is just around the corner and as promised, I now have to plan my winter experience of the Canada Post Mail Carrier. What was I thinking???


  1. nice article!So proud of you,mommy

  2. It's interesting and pretty awesome to see the ripple effects that we can create. Who knew that by starting this blog, all these opportunities would come up and create more opportunities. So proud of you. I can't wait to see what other ripple effect will come out of this article. Congratulations!

  3. Great article!
    Keep up the inspiration!

  4. Julie, there is a piece on CBC's The Current this morning. You might want to check out their website to listen to it!

  5. how awesome is that? you go, girl!


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