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Monday, January 24, 2011

A Love Letter for TLWR

I know, I're wondering what happened to me. Life. That is it. Life is happening at a faster than usual pace and so my blogging efforts have taken a backseat lately. I did receive the following note, though, that I had to share with all of you. This note warmed my heart on this freezing cold day and is proof to me that The Letter Writing Revolution isn't in vain. I am also thinking that a wonderful GIVEAWAY is in order to warm the hearts of those of you who live in the deep freeze that is Canada in January. When I awoke this morning, the temperature was minus 35 degrees Celsius WITHOUT the wind chill. Your skin freezes within ten minutes when exposed in temperatures like that. So, stay tuned as I will announce my next giveaway in the next few days which will be open to everyone whether or not you are freezing your buns off this time of year.

And here is the TLWR love letter:

"Ben* got Kate's* letter yesterday, and was beyond excited. I don't know if you read the letter but it was cute, basic, but at the end she put a "ps. I heart flowers" and then a flower sticker on it. I tried not to react all nuts (like I usually do) but I had to bite the insides of my cheeks from saying anything that would make Ben cringe. Kate also put what day her birthday is, so Ben marked it on our calender. I then had to turn away and wash dishes because I was tearing up. I got so overwhelmed that a single piece of paper could bring such joy to someone, on a snowy, cold day. Ben asked if we could go to the store and get him some "cool stationery", so he could write back. You are so right, Julie, this is a lost art form. Ben put the letter in his pajamas drawer, which is home to his letters from Santa, his lunch note from me from his first day at his new school, his "bravery diploma" from his surgery and his postcard collection from my friend who travels the world. My neighbour, who is attached to our house, has a box of love letters from the original owners of both our homes, that reads like a novel. The parents on one side, the young couple on our side. The letters were sent while he was stationed overseas in the war. They were found in our attic with a short wave radio, among other things that help tell the stories of our house that has been here over 100 years and I find it magical. I have nothing like this. All of my correspondence with James (husband) was done through emails, quick, short notes, poor punctuation, most things in point form. Everything is on a computer now: photos, notes, life. I "talk" to my best friend every day through email, but realize I barely see her anymore, since we never need to catch up. I didn't even send out Christmas cards this year, because it seemed like so much work, when I could just sit here a minute and send out an email, with my face on a dancing elf. I think things like "the letter writing revolution" are important. I feel right now like I am moving so fast through the world that I need to just slow down, pour a glass of wine, pick up a pen, and say hi to someone the old fashioned way. Imagine getting a personal note instead of an impersonal bill."
Maude *

* names have been changed



  1. Unbelievably awesome. I love writing to my friends even though only 2 of 5 are remotely interested in corresponding the old fashion way.

  2. It's good to read today's post and I do know you have been and continue to be busy. Nice to read the sweet love letter to TLWR. Look forward to your next giveaway even tho' I can't imagine the weather up in the Valley...dread having to replace the sandals with the UGGS next week. As much as I enjoy writing and receiving letters, I am so torn to want to know what is going on with you quicker than a letter can provide...thus I want to email but I've been fighting it. LOL

  3. I feel extremely moved and inspired by Love Letter to TWLR. There really is something so magical and personal about taking more time to communicate with those we love. To me the letter writing revolution represents slowing down, backing up, and re-membering. ~Namaste~


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