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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Letter Writing and Socializing

My friend, Susan, emailed me the other day wondering if I happened to hear a piece on CBC Radio regarding a cafe in Toronto that hosts twice monthly letter writing events. I hadn't listened to the radio that day and I was curious to learn more. After failing to find the interview on the CBC website, I just googled "Toronto cafe and letter writing" and was brought to Naco Cafe which is located at 1665 Dundas Street West. I searched around until I found the January 24th event called Pal-Sac. I have cut and pasted the description below:

No cover. Open to all.
P.W.Y.C. stamps and stationery. Cards by local artists for sale.
Contact us at {{ palsac.toronto at }}
Imagine a day when every personal e-mail you received came in the form of a piece of mail, in envelopes of different sizes, with papers of different colours, textures, handwriting with different degrees of legibility. Wouldn’t that be pretty nice for a change?
PAL-SAC is exactly what it sounds like, show up and write a letter or two with a group of other people also writing letters. (By letters, we mean anything that involves the postal system: a postcard, a personal letter, a political letter, a package, a special occasion card, fan mail, mail art, prank mail, or something experimental.)
This event will continue to run in the new year, on the second and forth Monday of every month, thanks to your support and NACO!

How cool is that? Imagine packing up some letter writing items and heading out to a funky cafe on a blustery, winter evening and meeting up with like minded individuals who have gathered to sit, sip cafe au lait and write letters. I remember doing this when I was in college on a Saturday afternoon or when I lived in Whistler, BC and had a day off. I would go out and buy some interesting cards/postcards and write letters to my family and friends. I would sit for hours drinking coffee and writing. It was such a relaxing and meditative experience.

PAL-SAC stands for "post a letter social activity club" and there are chapters in Toronto, Montreal, Copenhagen and soon, New York City. I have sent in a request to start a chapter in the Ottawa Valley. If I am not approved to start a chapter, I may just have a letter writing event somewhere anyway. If you live in Toronto, perhaps you could check out the next PAL-SAC event at Naco Cafe (2nd and 4th Monday of each month from 7-11pm) or at the other Toronto location at The Avro at 750b Queen Street East (1st Monday starting March 2011 at 7pm). I would like to hear all about it, of course. If you wish to hear the radio interview about this event and letter writing, go to CBC Radio. The portion that deals with letter writing is at the 2 minute 15 second mark approximately.

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  1. That is so cool! And I remember doing the same thing in University, or when I was traveling or living far from home. Settle in to a cafe with good music, and pots of tea and write some letters! I also did that in pubs, come to think of it.
    I think this idea sounds very cool. Maybe an Ottawa chapter is in order, too?

  2. An interesting concept....good luck with your effort to start an Ottawa chapter.

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  4. This is so great. San Francisco really needs a chapter too.

  5. One of my best memories of uni, and all travels...sitting in a cafe with a bottomless cup of coffee or tea, writing deep thoughts to my loved ones (you must have ribbon-tied bundles of them, as I do from you!)...I would be so into this!! Perhaps you could host it at the library in Eganville? Beautiful building, lots of table space and artwork to inspire...

  6. I was actually at the exact event that was portrayed on the CBC ... and am in the interview :).
    It was really neat to sit in a room with a group of other people where everyone is doing the same thing: writing letters. Cozy.

  7. naco is a sweet little cafe that i've only been to once, but i will definitely have to go back to check out a postal event. thanks for posting!


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