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Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer Break

I know my blog hasn't been that interesting lately.....even before the strike happened.

I am busy these days. Even too busy to write a letter although that will change as I am taking holidays starting July 18th for two weeks. I have decided to take a blog-cation as well and will return in September. So, I hope you will all check back in 8 weeks and I hope you have a restful summer.


  1. Taking a break is always nice...we'll be back when you are! Enjoy that free space in your mind!

  2. We all need a break at times! I had to take a three month break from my snail mail and pen pals due to an outrageously stressful term at school (I'm a grad student). I took another few weeks to relax, but then let my penpals know and everyone seemed to understand.

  3. Enjoy your time "off" ! xox

  4. Just discovered your site!! This is fabulous. I'm a fellow obsessive letter writer (based in New York City) and I just started a Facebook fan page called "Save the U.S. Postal Service by writing More letters" - home you will consider coming and joining us! Don't stop blogging! xoxoxo Rachel


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