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Thursday, May 5, 2011

One of These Days......

.........I'm gonna sit down and write a long letter to all those good friends I've known.

I am in a bit of a quandary. I am not sure if anyone has noticed my lack of blogging recently. Perhaps, it is the fact that this is the longest attempt ever made for winter to turn to spring. Perhaps, it is the copious amounts of sugar I have been eating since before Easter. Perhaps, it is the lack of exercise lately. Most people I talk to have had it up to here (I am holding my hand up above my head!) with this weather and rain. Whatever it is, I have not been inspired to write on TLWR blog. It's like my inspiration melted with the snow. Even now that I am back on track with exercise and eating well, I am just "not that into it" anymore.

I recognize that writing a weekly column for our local newspaper puts more pressure on me to find the time to write and therefore leaves less time for writing on my blog. If my job was to only write, there wouldn't be a problem. Most days, I am casting, running workshops, teaching prenatal classes, running a hosuehold and caring for our daughter.

Lately, I have found I haven't had as much time to write letters. AAAAahhhahhhhhhhhhhhhhh....(That's me screaming). No time to write letters? How can that be? That is a priority in my life. But that is where I am at and what is the quandary, you ask?

Do I continue with the blog or do I wrap things up on the 1st anniversary of its launch (June 16th) and trust that the revolution will carry on without the blog?


  1. Sugar will do it every time! You know I love TLWR but wonder to myself many does Julie do it all? And so no matter what YOU decide to do, I will continue to write letters.

  2. You can always close the space for a while, then come back when inspiration hits...I would knit all day every day if I could, but I can't...sometimes I just have to pack it all up for awhile to focus on what needs my attention most. Do what feels right for you right now. I do have a post (almost) written to share here as a guest blogger...

  3. Yes, maybe just take a break from the space rather than give it up. Lately I've only been managing 1-2 blogs per week, for the same reasons (lack of inspiration, and no time). You will find your inspiration again, and then you will be glad this space is still here!

  4. You can't be all things to all people (even yourself), but this is a great blog and I'd hate to see it come to a premature end! How about inviting guest bloggers to do the odd post?


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