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Friday, May 20, 2011

Looming Postal Strike

The Letter Writing Revolution may have to come to a grinding halt if there is, indeed, a Canada Post strike next week. My advice would be that if you are Canadian or sending letters to Canada, that you continue to write your letters but hold of on mailing them until after the strike, if there is a strike in the end. Read on:

Canadian Postal Workers Could Strike

Posted: May 18, 2011 1:44 PM ET(CBC News)

Preparations are being made for a possible postal strike as early as May 24, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers says.The union said in a statement Wednesday that it and Canada Post remain far apart on many issues, including wages for new employees and a proposed sick plan that it says is inferior. Negotiations are still ongoing, however. The union will be able to exercise its right to strike and Canada Post its right to lock out at midnight on May 24. Both sides have to give three days notice of their intention to strike or lockout. The collective agreement expired on Jan. 31.

Cheques for pensioners and social assistance recipients will still be delivered regardless, the union said.Volunteers from the union will deliver federal Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security and child benefits cheques, as well as provincial social assistance cheques in Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta and the Northwest Territories.The B.C. government has said it will mail out income assistance cheques one week early on May 18 rather than May 25 to ensure they arrive.


  1. Yikes! Good thing I mailed my doula cert. stuff last week!

  2. Nooo, JK! (I have a big mailout planned for next week. Sigh.) Oh, well, let's keep our fingers crossed. Keep blogging, please!

    Still a letter writer,
    despite some recent pain from CTS,

    *carpal tunnel syndrome

  3. Well, shucks, it's all moot, since the world ends tomorrow around 6:30 PMish, anyway. Haven't y'all heard?

  4. My sister works as security in a Canada Post building, and she's pretty sure they're walking ...

    and she's getting a different job, as she dosen't want to cross picket lines...

  5. Hey Julie,

    Hope the strike fizzled. Mail from me to you might be stuck in limbo if it succeeds. :( If it does this Limner won't be pleased. :)

  6. As long as Canada Post continues, in this age of technology, to measure parcels manually by tape (all three dimensions!), it won't make ends meet: strike or no strike! (Surely that says something about its other practices, too?)


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