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Saturday, October 9, 2010

And The Winner Is...........

And the winner of TLWR's first GIVEAWAY is...................

DEE DEE of The Chickadee Tweet.

You have won a $20 gift certificate for Paper/Papier at 18 Clarence Street, Ottawa, ON. To claim your prize, simply email me your snail mail address at and I will mail it to you with a letter asap.........congratulations!!

How was the winner chosen? I visited and they offer a free True Random Number Generator service where you enter the minimum number and maximum number of entries and then hit "Generate" and voila, you are given a random number which in this case was lucky number 7!

Enjoy your visit to Paper/Papier, Dee Dee, and make sure to let us know what you find!

Hallowe'en window display at Papier/Papier
The most gorgeous Christmas cards/gift tags/paper, etc. to be
found at Paper/Papier!
Check back in the next couple of days when I write about my 3rd TLWR field trip and offer another GIVEAWAY which will be available to all followers of this blog. It's a good one!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian Followers!


  1. The gentlemen at Paper/Papier are super! I sent my fiancee to Paper/Papier for envelopes to match our homemade wedding invites; which they managed to help him do beautifully! (tough when it's hard to match shades like charcoal and aubergine!) Despite our tight deadline- we sprung the wedding on everyone with less than 6 weeks to go - they ordered more envelopes in for us and phoned us the moment they arrived. Jeff openly admitted that he "thought he was in over his head when he saw the wall of envelopes, but the guys were so helpful" and still made him feel like he "was part of the decision making" and for me, an important part of pulling the invites off for us (aside from hand stamping each one!). Superb service, impeccable attention to detail, amazing selection - the whole package! *LoVE PaPEr/pAPieR!*

    ***I know the date has passed for your contest, and that's fine! I just wanted to add my comment about Paper/Papier - always happy to leave a positive note behind when it comes to people who do great things!

  2. I won!! Yay!!! Christmas letter writing, here I come!


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