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Thursday, September 23, 2010

This and That


I was hoping to have my post up regarding my field trip that I took last Friday but I am still waiting to get some information for it. If not by tomorrow then I will blog about Tuesday.

I was so very excited to open my mailbox this week and discover a reply from a soldier in Afghanistan. I remember writing my letter sometime in July while sitting on a beach at a nearby lake. I had assumed that I would not be hearing back. Lo and behold, I received a letter from CPL William Ashwood dated August 11th.
Check out the stationery!

Then, today I receive the following email from a mom who follows this blog:

Dear Julie,
Some time ago you had posted the information about writing to a soldier in Afghanistan. I told my son, Cullen, about this and he was completely enthralled by the idea. He has always been interested in all thing to do with the military and historical warfare. To be able to send a letter to a person serving his country was just incredible. In July he sent his letter off. It was a short letter thanking the solider for his or her contribution and expressing Cullen’s respect for all that they were doing for the people of Afghanistan and Canada. It also expressed his sadness that the job that the soldiers were doing is not given the respect it deserves.

Last night Cullen received his reply. He was over the moon. He very carefully open the envelope and unfolded the pages and began to read. His soldier sent him a patch from his uniform that he wore in service twice as a gift. He explain that they have to change them quite often as they get very dirty living in a “dust bowl”. He thanked Cullen for the letter and told him that it was with the help and support of people like Cullen that they were able to do their jobs. He explained a little about what he did and where he was. Cullen can’t wait to reply to him and send him a small memento of his life in Canada. Cullen has a project due about his life today and the letter was added last night as one of his highlights. Julie, I can’t thank you enough for opening this opportunity to Cullen. It has made his day.

Here are some great photos!

Letter received!

Wait a that the same stationery? Do we have the same soldier pen pal?

I didn't get a patch :-(
I also had the privilege of speaking with Sgt. Kris Carter who is the soldier in Afghanistan who receives and  distributes the letters to others on TLWR's behalf. Really nice man and very supportive of The Letter Writing Revolution. Remember that he will no longer be accepting mail after Oct. 15th as he will soon be completing his tour of duty. If you are going to write back to your soldier (if you received a reply) make sure to do it now as they are due to be back home by Christmas. It looks like it takes about a month to get a letter there.

Finally, I received this email from my cousin which really made me happy:
"I was in the high Arctic for the month of August and communications were limited. I had just started reading the letterwritingrevolution before I left (loved Uncle Stanley's letter BTW). Because our communications are limited up North I took to writing letters. I actually had a young (19yo) sailor ask me what I was doing. He had never written or received a letter before. He wrote to his mom and to his girlfriend. Anyway, I wanted to say thank you for bringing some reflective time back into my life. Hope you all are well."

Slowly but surely the revolution is quietly growing and I can see from my stats that people continue to enjoy it from all over the world. I would like to increase the numbers of followers so that I can approach the media for some exposure! I think this revolution would make a good news story, don't you?


  1. Hurray!! How satisfying for Cullen, and you, to receive responses to your letters. Good job, TLWR!

  2. Good to hear you got a reply from "your" soldier. Hope I am as lucky, altho' he/she may be reading one page at a time and won't be done before Christmas!! It's great too that Cullen has rec'd a letter, thanks to TLWR. Cheers to you Julie, again and again!!

  3. This is really cool, Julie. I've always been a fan of 'snail mail'. It's so much more human and personal. I'm glad to hear you got a reply from the soldier to whom you wrote. What a blessing for him to get a letter of encouragment.
    Alissa Salava :-)

  4. Yes Julie, same soldier although i received Cullens letter from the Post Office not through Sgt C. If you look at your followers there is a bald guy in a Arid CadPat uniform. Guess who?
    I distributed the letters sent to Sgt C so hopefully others received answers as well.
    It just tells us what we already know, CANADIANS ROCK!!!
    CPL A
    P.S. Let me know if you want a patch too.;)

  5. Hello, Will!
    I didn't realize you were a follower of TLWR. So how cool is it to see the photos of the Canadian child receiving the letter you wrote to him from Afghanistan? I think very cool!
    Of course I would love a patch!! LOL
    Keep in touch. I was planning to write you back. Is there time?

  6. Hi Julie, Patch on its way, lol. I am glad Cullen liked his letter and that you posted the pictures. I think it is terrible you showed the whole world my lousy handwriting. LOL.
    There is still to write as i have two and a bit months to go. Cant say final date for security. I am coming home for a holiday in about a week, so i get to Cuba and then return here.
    I cant figure out how to post without using anonymous, oh well, no one said i was smart, i am over here. lol
    Take care Will

  7. I came to check out your blog after you left a comment on my blog (
    I love your blog and your fresh photo journalistic style.
    This particular entry really strikes a cord with me. Once, a lifetime ago, I was in the military far from home. The mail was the only way I had to know what was going on at home. Letters were few and far between, but when they came it was like a birthday present and really helped me feel connected to the familiar things that I missed so much. Thanks for sharing the letters from soldiers and reminding us not to forget them!


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