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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ramblings and Announcements

Just not sure about this whole blogging thing. I am not sure what I am doing it for........

I mean, I have LOVED the people I have met, the letters I have received and the letter writing that I am doing once again. I am pumping out several per week whereas before TLWR I was receiving maybe three pieces of interesting mail per year and writing the odd Christmas card, sympathy card or card of encouragement. Oh, and loads of thank you cards. As far as writing letters, though, I had stopped writing letters years ago. I wonder if this is the case for some of you. How have YOU been inspired?

I am aware that there are a few people in the world who read this blog regularly and who probably feel a bit of excitement when they discover I have added a new post especially because my blogging is generally irregular and inconsistent. The thing is, I want to hear from all of YOU......Who is reading this blog besides my two sisters, my mother and a few friends??? I know you are out there as I check my stats occasionally and have discovered that this blog has made it to all corners of the planet. I would to see who is reading this blog from Vietnam, South Africa, Russia, to name a few.

I received a message from a friend who was the provider of the contact in Afghanistan for the Letter To A Soldier post. It turns out that "Kris" is in Canada this week for a visit home and he has reported that he has been overwhelmed with letters to fellow soldiers because of TLWR! It is almost expected now and he just announces, "Who's turn for a letter today?" What I would like to know is who has written to a soldier and who has heard back? I haven't heard back from my soldier but I am just assuming I brightened someone's day with my funky stationery and ramblings. If you did write and received a letter in return, let me know. Apparently, the first Letter Writing Revolution letter that arrived in Afghanistan was sent from Guelph, Ontario. Please do not send letters to the address on that post after October 15th as Kris will have finished his service overseas. Go HERE to find an updated mailing address for writing to a Canadian soldier overseas.
This is Chuck. He is serving in Afghanistan and will be home in a few weeks for a visit.
He and his wife took my prenatal classes and this is a photo of him holding his first Father's Day card from his son!
Due to a chance meeting, I will be getting a tour of the main Canada Post plant in Ottawa next week where all of the letters are sorted. The tour is at 7:30am as this is the time of day when the letter sorting floor is at maximum capacity. I think this is kind of cool and I am looking forward to seeing what actually happens to my letters after I drop them into the mailbox at my local post office. Of course, I will be reporting on this outing to all of you and will hopefully get some interesting photos.

Next week, I am hoping to get to my favourite stationery store in Ottawa to interview one of the owners and to offer you, my followers, a TLWR giveaway. Stay tuned for that!

I received the following from a friend/colleague. It's messages like this one that keep me motivated to continue on with the revolution!
"I have never been a letter writer but I have always loved looking for or making the most appropriate/best card for whomever I was sending it out to. I try to mail out birthday cards and Christmas cards to all past clients. But as the number of cards to send out grew and I received very little feed back I began to lose heart. While I loved the picking out, writing a special note , sticker on the envelope and the calm walk to the mailbox, I sarted feeling like no one really cared if they got a letter or not until.......... there in your picture on your blog is my Christmas card from two years ago  lovingly pinned up, out for all to card. So thank you, while I'm not the letter writer, I am again excited about the cards. I am off to look for the perfect one to send to you."
I mailed out several letters this week including a birthday gift to a special, not-so-little girl. Never get tired of seeing the stack of colourful envelopes, stamped and ready to mail. Have YOU been writing letters? Have YOU been getting any back. Did those of you who requested a letter from me, get your letters? Please answer my questions as comments below.

I love to hear from you.


  1. I sat down the night before last and penned 2 thank you cards, one anniversary card, and hand-painted a birthday card. I also had my kids make birthday cards, draw pictures, and write letters for faraway cousins and friends! There's still so much to be tapped about letter writing! Don't give up your doesn't really matter WHO is reading it...they may send a letter, even if they don't let you know...think of this big, soft, universal exchange of letters that's happening whether you know about it or not! Kinda mysterious and fun!

  2. I am one of those lerkers I guess...I love to read your posts but haven't really made that joy vocal. I have always been a letter writer and still hav a box of letters saved from geat grandmas etc that are since passed..they are treassures with every sense of the word...I will be posting on my blog soon about how I am teaching my daughters about letter writing and I'll be sure to link it back to you! Keep up this revolution...people are too busy making things fast and easy and what they really need to do it sit down and write a letter!! :)

  3. I am definitely one of those who gets "excited" seeing a new blog...and I know what a busy lady you are so really appreciate the time you take to do it. I agree with "Homesteadgirl"...there may well be more letter writing going on due to your efforts than you can imagine. I did get my letter off to a soldier, no reply yet..and as you can well imagine he/she may still be reading my ramblings in a much-too-long letter..and reply or not, I felt it very worthwhile.

  4. wow what a handsome soldier ;) Great blog... I love to read it when you post it to Facebook.

  5. Julie I love your blog and yes I write letters and it has inspired my sons (non-writers) to want to have pen pals. I did request a letter and have not yet had the joy of getting one but, I'm sure you will send it soon. We also wrote to a solider. Your efforts are appreciated even if we don't say so often.

  6. I check your blog everyday to see if there has been a new post. You never fail to inspire and touch me. I learn something new every time. TLWR has changed my life. Please don't stop writing.

  7. I'm definately being encouraged to return to my love of hand-writing letters and just today made some lovely pressed flowed cards with my daughter to send to my sister for her birthday. When I send cards, there is always a letter inside because I write very small and don't know how to be concise! Lots of inspiration from your blog happening here. Thank you so much!

  8. I'm still here reading and loving your site. I have your letter, and need to eke out some time to reply. I've also heard back from my old English Penpal... you inspired me to write to her again after a long absence... and she would like to continue our friendship by mail! I thank you for that!


  9. I wrote a letter to a soldier after you posted about it and I received a response about a month ago. it was really neat and I have written back and forth with the soldier. Turns out his family is from Guelph too!
    This is a really cool blog!

  10. I too enjoy receiving mail. I also enjoy writing, when I find the time: I write a Christmas letter every year, to keep friends and family up-to-date with what has happened. Other than that, I have sent care-packages (with letters) to my sister who has had interesting jobs in various places, and also enjoys travelling. I have one good friend with whom I have maintained a letter correspondence over the past 5 years since I moved away / back to my home-town. Your blog is inspiring me to write more, the trick is finding the time. I have written lots of thank-you cards in the past few months, but hope to start writing letters again soon.

    Take care,

  11. G'day from Australia. I discovered your site today whilst searching via google for blogs about the love of letters and letter-writing. I am a 32 yr old stay at home mother of two (Luke is 4 and Henry is 4 months) and I love writing letters and more importantly receiving letters. I have a few penpals and also write to family and friends. I have even been known to write to strangers. I am hoping if circumstances permit to jot you a bit of a letter - my husband got made redundant this week so I kinda have some things going on but once it settles down I will write. Kathleen


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