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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Neglected But Not Deserted

I am aware of my lack of attention lately to The Letter Writing Revolution. As I completed Julie's 40's Project, took on a new position as a columnist at our local newspaper and became very busy with work and my home life, I have placed TLWR at the bottom of my priority list.

Ideally, I would post 2-3x per week. This keeps the blog interesting and prevents it from becoming stagnant. Is it do-able? It certainly is as I managed to do that for the first few months of offering my thoughts on letter writing. In a matter of weeks, TLWR will be celebrating it's 1st blogiversary. Hard to believe that almost an entire year has passed since I started out on this blogging journey to encourage the masses to write letters.

My kitchen table is a disaster right now as I  get caught up on various letter writing projects. I have the "Must Reply Now" pile and the "Letters to Write But Not Urgent" pile and this week, I have been working on writing Thank You Letters as opposed to thank you cards to my friends who helped me celebrate my 40th birthday and to those who sent gifts/cards/letters. Receiving the Letters for a Birthday was so heart warming and spirit lifting, that I thought I would return the feeling and write a letter back to each one. This is proving to take some time and my "free" time is limited. I hope to finish them all today. That is my goal anyway.

A corner of my kitchen table.

I wonder how many letters continue to get written. Has the enthusiasm worn off? Is the novelty of letter writing a thing of the past? Do you continue to write letters?


  1. I posted 20 thank you cards today, written by my 19-year old stepdaughter! Not exactly letters, but handwritten just the same...and so much better than a thank you email.
    And now that we have a new baby in our family, I may just write HER a letter, to be opened at a future birthday....

  2. I wrote a letter to my mother this week and popped it in the mail. Although I see her on a weekly basis it is ALWAYS special receiving a handwritten note. She has been helping me so much since Josh has been overseas and I wanted to extend my appreciation to her in more than just spoken words! I also wrote a handwritten "love letter" to Josh and popped it into his care package this week. We send e-mails on a daily basis but I like knowing that he will open up that particular piece of paper that I was touching/holding and that may even smell a little like "me". I am certain he will appreciate it and maybe even carry it around in his uniform pocket - you can't do that with an e-mail!

  3. I write because I must. :) I write almost every day. It can be a thank-you note, a sorry-I-haven't-called note, a postcard, but especially a letter. I even write to authors, and most of them write back.

    I'd like to write to you, except I know you're too busy to write back, and I don't want you to feel obligated. :D

    My birthday is next week. Last year I didn't even get a card from my mom. I didn't get a card at all, now that I think about it. So, expecting a letter from anyone in my huge family is akin to expecting a call from ET :)

    (Name withheld due to shame, and not wanting to sound pathetic.) I'm glad your mailbox was full of Happy Birthday wishes.

  4. Letter writing has become more of a regular occurrence in our house...I have a few people I write to, and a drawer full of stationery, stamps, etc. all ready for use. Love to send mail, love to receive it!

  5. I have not been able to interest my friends in letter writing, however, I still continue and am very fortunate to be on the receiving end of letters from one very busy lady....see Julie's kitchen table! I now refuse to buy birthday cards and so must write my own greetings. I have to say this is much more labour intensive than stopping at the $1 store!

  6. I know this is a bit late in the game for this post but I've just found your blog. ;-) I am an avid correspondent. I have penpals in many countries, including Japan, Italy, England, France, Scotland, etc. I look forward to receiving letters and discovering how different and still the same we are the world over. I also make a point of sending notes, postcards, and cards to family members from time to time, though I too rarely get them back. I get more birthday cards from penpals than from family so I totally get Limner's post. Thanks for putting the idea of writing out there.


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