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Friday, March 11, 2011

Latest Stationery Gems

Before I share my two recent stationery discoveries, I want to send out a big thank you to Angel of Pal-Sac for sending me a selection of stationery and writing goodies and another big shout out to TLWR follower, Linda in Nova Scotia, for sending me some assorted stationery as well. Both happened to arrive on the same day. I have some letters to write and will happily dip into this new stash!

After receiving a comment on a recent post from Kaitlyn of isavirtue I checked out her blog and shopping site on Etsy and immediately fell in  love with her gorgeous homemade stationery. I also discovered that Kaitlyn and I have a lot in common:
  • she lives in Victoria, BC and I spent 5 years there 
  • she works for a well known BC artist whom I also know. I used to work for an art publishing company that published his work into art cards.
  • she has worked in many art galleries in Victoria as did I
  • she is a big fan of letter writing and well.......
  • and she came upon TLWR when she ran into a woman who is a friend of mine from years ago
 Here is a little peek at one of a few of the styles I purchased:

Now, my next new favourite is the complete opposite of Kaitlyn's gorgeous creations. Last summer I received a letter from Stephanie G. and she happily described that the paper that she wrote her words upon (and that I was holding in my hands) was made from elephant poo. What? Did she just say, "Elephant poo?" Yes, folks, there is even writing paper made from the dung of Sri Lankan elephants. Recently, I learned that a local shop carries many products made from the elephant poo......journals, notebooks, writing paper, envelopes and more. I visited Earth Rocks yesterday in Eganville, Ontario and bought this gorgeous writing set.
Elephant poo paper and a smashing carrying case!
The carrying case is made from the paper as well and covered with material from a Sri Lankan Princess' dress. I just think this writing paper is the coolest. No trees were harmed in the production of this paper! You can visit Earth Rock's store if you live in the Ottawa Valley or you can order the elephant writing sets online from their website for only $15. Earth Rocks also carries several lines of earth friendly cleaning products, laundry soaps, teas, cosmetic lines, men's products, jewelery, personal items, candles/incense, cloth diapers and swimming bottoms and other earth-respectful items. I think these writing paper sets (which, by the way, are hard to find these days) would make an inexpensive gift to your letter writing friends.

These are just two of my latest finds. If you like them ,too, then take a gander over to isavirtue and Earth Rocks and see what else they have to offer. Let me know about your favourite stationery that you have discovered.


  1. There is something about new pens and pencils that I just can't resist. Whenever I go into a store, the stationary section is where I'll head to first. I have a few sketching programs for my mac but I there is nothing like putting pencil & pens to paper.

  2. Hee Hee :) Glad you have some poo paper of your very own. Perhaps I'll soon get a letter written on it??

    Stephanie :)

  3. Hi, Julie.

    Yes, we used to buy elephant dung paper in Africa, too. It's really quite beautiful. My favourite stationery is anything with words in ink on it! I've been meaning to write for ages since I read your mail carrier blog post: great job! I'm inspired to write to mine here in sleepy (snowy) Cochrane, Alberta. :) You know, start a revolution!

    another Elaine

  4. that's strange - i thought i wrote a comment on this the other day - must have forgot to click post or something! my oh my that is some beautiful stationary... lol. jokes, thanks for posting my stuff! i love how you contrasted it with earth rocks!

    i have such a passion for stationery, i'm glad to see others feel the same!

  5. I saw it today and it is the best paper in the whole wide world!!!!!!!!


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