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Monday, November 15, 2010

NYC Photos Relating to TLWR

I suppose it is time for me to move on from NYC. I will spend many moments daydreaming about this trip that I had been imagining for many, many years. As I walked around this great city, I took the following shots for my blog readers.

US Postal boxes in the downtown area

The following three shots are of the main post office in NYC. It is an incredible building about to become the new Pennsylvania Station (Penn Station) and will no longer be used as a post office.

And finally, a NYC cab and another US Postal box on Park Avenue.


  1. Nice photos, Julie. It looks like you had a great visit to NYC!

  2. New York's great. I went there on Wednesday and mailed a postcard. It was exciting! Did you have time to perfect the NYC walk? Look straight ahead, don't look at anyone, and keep walking.


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